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a few new links added

Posted in Rambling on.. on April 17, 2009 by junkfoodie

Check out a few of my favorite food related sites. You can find these on my blogroll on the right side of this site in the box.

I’ve added Chowhound, which is a great discussion board for local food recommendations around the world. The particpants can be pretty opionate, and sometimes territorial and a bit snooty sometimes, but ther’s a lot of good info here. The range of discussion items include fine dining, food and ingredent purveyors, cheap eats and more.

I’ve also added, which is dedicated to regional food finds. These tend to be more casual places, and the discussion tends to be a little friendlier. This is a site moderated by two of my favorite food writers, Jane and Michael Stern.

Finally, I’ve added a hilarious site called which showcases some godawful culinary creations. I’m almost embarassed to say I’ve tried a few of these creations before. I’m not sure who owns or runs this site, but it’s one of my favorites.

I hope you enjoy these!