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Best Chinese Roast Duck & Roast Pig in SF

Posted in Around the Bay Area, Chinese, junkfoodie Hall of Fame with tags , , on April 3, 2015 by junkfoodie

Well, junkfoodie is back after a long absence due to laziness. I’ve done a lot of eating, but no blogging. Here is one of my favorites for under $10 in the City. Not only is it cheap and tasty, it may be the best in it’s class in the Bay area.

My go-to place for Chinese BBQ in the City is Cheung Hing (2339 Noriega St. @ 30th Ave.across the street from Safeway.). It is a mostly takeout place, but they do have 4-5 tables inside the bare, clean (if slightly greasy) interior. Service is pleasant, but typical for a non-English speaking Chinese place.

I usually order some variation of the two-item BBQ plate ($7.25). This time, I got the roast duck and roast pig. The duck is crispy skinned, not too greasy and has a nice sweet/salty flavor. The duck is ladled with a scoop of salty duck jus, which adds to it’s succulence.

Cheung Hing

The roast pig here is the thing…crispy, crackling skin, which you expect, but also a nice. moist meaty hunk ‘o porkiness attached. There isn’t a huge layer of fat, but what makes this version so good is the subtle smokiness in the meat which only enhances it’s sweetness.

Served over a bed of fluffy rice and a pile of boiled cabbage, it’s a great under $10 meal, and one of the best examples outside of Hong Kong.