Authentic Tijuana style tacos in Vegas

if you spend any time in Vegas with kids, you know how hard it is to find cheap eats that both adults and kids will enjoy ( assuming the adults don’t enjoy fast food). 

One great option is Tacos El Gordo de Tijuana B.C. They have several locations in Las Vegas with a very convenient in located at 3049 Las Vegas Blvd. just past the Wncore by Wynn in the front of a strip mall. 


It looks chaotic for the uninitiated, as there are three lines for ordering depending on the type of meat you want, and a separate line for drinks and paying. They are known for their adobada a.k.a. Al pastor, so I got in that line first:


The adobada was delicious, carved off the spit with a small chunk of pineapple from the top.


It was tender, juicy and flavorful, and not overly saucy like most. Perfect.

The line for the carne asada was a bit longer, and they offered sopes, mulas (like a taco with another tortilla on top), tacos, quesadillas, tostadas or fries withe the carne asada. It was pretty good, smoky and flavorful, but a little on the dry side.


I also tried the suadero ( braised beef “breast”), the lengua (beef tongue), the sesos (brain), which were all good, but the standout for me was the Azteca.


This was an improbably delicious combination of carne asada, chorizo and roasted nopal (cactus). Maybe not for everyone, but I thought it was delicious.

The downsides: a little crowded at peak times, a tough walk from the center of the strip if it is 100+ degrees out.

The upsides: delicious, authentic food and bargain ( for Vegas) prices, family friendly, self service drinks, including the (fountain-style) horchata,  tamarindo, jamaica aguas frescas.


All in all, a GREAT place for budget-friendly family eats in Vegas!



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