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Mr. Holmes Bakehouse-SF

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Mr. Holmes has become a cult favorite among Bay Area foodies for their “cruffins”, a good-intentioned mashup of a croissant and a muffin. Two lines form each day outside this bakery; one for folks wanting to buy a cruffin, and one for everyone else. Even the line for everyone else is long, so this tiny shop must be doing ok!

cruffin ladyThe line for the cruffins can actually start 30 minutes prior to opening. just before they are ready to open for the day, one of the Mr. Holmes employees will come out and happily hand each of those in the cruffin queue a sticker.


Each sticker enables that person to purchase a maximum of 2 cruffins. This ensures that everyone with a sticker will be able to get one. At some point, whenever they run out of the allotted stickers, the employee will inform those still waiting in the cruffin line that did not receive a sticker that they are welcome to wait, but they are not guaranteed to get one! If all the sticker holders do not buy the maximum 2 cruffins, there may be some left! I’ve seen some people wait in line for almost an hour only to be told there are none left!

The cruffin flavors change daily, so you get what you get. We’ve had black walnut, chocolate cherry ( I think) and S’Mores. For me the cruffins are not bad depending on the flavor, but I actually prefer the filled doughnuts(especially  if they have passion fruit! ), the bostock, or even their “Amelie Amann”.

smores cruffinS’Mores cruffin

Wait Time: 1-1/2 cups of coffee

Hype factor: High

Lived up to the Hype: not for the cruffin

Signature item: cruffin

Fall back item: filled doughnut( especially the passion fruit!)


Come back and visit for our next chapter in the Best of SF’s bakeries!


What’s with the line?: The best of SF’s bakeries

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Anyone that has walked past one of San Francisco’s more popular bakeries will tell you, San Franciscans are willing to wait in line for their favorite bakeries. Tartine, B Patisserie, Mr. Holmes Bakehouse, even Golden Gate Bakery in Chinatown (when they are open) all seem to have lines at any hour of the day.

Mr. Holmes Line

Typical line at Mr. Holmes Bakehouse

I’m not one for waiting in line in my own city, but in the name of research, I recently started waiting in line at these places to see if these places were worthy of the hype, and resulting line. I’ll fill you in on the wait, the vibe of the place, and whether or not it lives up to the hype.To make sure none of my readers leaves disappointed, I’ve listed the bakery’s signature item and also what to order should they run out of the first item.

I’m also going to list some more “under-the-radar” places with the signature and backup items listed as well. If you have any suggestions on places we need to know about, please drop me a line and I’ll make it there!