Best seafood bite…maybe ever?

I know it’s been a while, but I’ve been busy (and lazy). Many folks have implored me to get back to posting, and a meal I had recently has compelled me to get back on the horse. I had dinner at Michael Mina (252 California Street SF 94111), and it was one of the most memorable meals i’ve had in a long time, particularly due to the main course, which was possibly the best seafood dish I’ve ever tasted…ever! more about that later. Granted, the meal was a bit more than the Junkfoodie’s usual $10 and under, but worth a post nonetheless.
The meal started with a seemingly innocuous slice of bread with a small ramekin with a mysterious substance in it. As it turns out, it was the most addicting blend of ricotta cheese, honey, and black pepper. I would have been happy with this course alone!

Michael Mina's bread with honey ricotta and black pepper

Michael Mina’s bread with honey ricotta and black pepper

The next bite was an amuse-bouche of a perfectly crispy-yet-gooey mini grilled cheese sandwich with a shot of heirloom tomato soup. Just like being a kid again (if your mom had a Michelin star)!Perfect.

Mini grilled cheese sandwich with heirloom tomato soup shot amuse bouche

Mini grilled cheese sandwich with heirloom tomato soup shot amuse bouche

My “first” course was the Ahi Tuna Tartare with ancho chile, habanero-sesame oil, pine nut and mint served with toast points. Pretty, nice tableside service, but for me this was the low point of the meal, relatively speaking. Not bad mind you, just not spectacular.

Ahi tartare

Ahi tartare

My second course was the Shabu-Shabu with toasted sesame sauce, ponzu and Prime beef rib cap. A very nice tableside service once again with the captain carefully placing the beef into the bowl and quickly pouring the broth over it. Melt in your mouth tender, full of beefy flavor! Didn’t need the sauces at all to be delicious. I tasted everything floating in the broth, including what seemed to be zucchini shavings, mustard flower, and shiso leaf.

Shabu shabu

Shabu shabu

Finally, the best dish of the night (year?) for me. The black cod with uni sushi rice, mustard flower, king trumpet mushrooms and dashi broth….absolutely unforgettable. The fish was absolutely flawless. the outside was perfectly crispy, and seemed to literally dissolve on your tongue. the flesh was meaty, silky, moist and full of fish flavor (in a good way) without being overpowered by the other components of the dish. the vegetables, the broth and especially the meaty, succulent nuggets of king trumpet mushrooms were savored untl there was’t even a speck of food on my plate. This was easily the best bite I’ve had so far this year!

Black cod with uni rice.....

Black cod with uni rice…..


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