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Best blueberry donuts?

Posted in SoCal on September 18, 2012 by junkfoodie

If you are ever in Southern Cal (Orange County to be exact) and are in the mood for a good donut, you have to stop off at M&M Donuts in Anaheim (1614 W. Katella, ¬†Anaheim), a few blocks from Disneyland. Go there for the blueberry donuts! These are not some gourmet,¬† fresh bluberries,¬† organic gluten-free flour donuts. These are your old-school blueberry cake mix donuts but done right. They are very crispy, almost crunchy on the outside, lightly glazed and perfectly moist insode. They are are cooked dark brown, to order. Yes, you heard me…. to order. They are only avaiable after 9PM, and each order is dropped in the oil when you order it, so the wait can be 10-20 minutes once you order. At 75 cents apiece, definitely worth the wait, so if you’re near Disneyland late at night, check it out!