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Soul Daddy- winner of “America’s Next Great Restaurant”

Posted in Uncategorized on July 16, 2011 by junkfoodie

While wandering hungrily through the massive Mall of America outside Minneapolis last month, I stumbled across signage for a restaurant called “Soul Daddy”. Anyone that knows me knows that I’m always up for good soul food, so I checked on one of the 47 maps in the mall and worked my way through the crowds to one of the Food Courts. While not in the Food Court proper, I found Soul Daddy between “Noodles” and “Daves Famous Bar-B-Q”. As I got closer, I realized that this was an outpost of the winning concept featured on “America’s Next Great Restaurant”. I remembered the show, and how Detroit native Jay Woods’ concept was for soul food, but having not followed the show closely, I didn’t know it was “healthier” soul food. Either way, I knew I had to try this place given the other options there.

The menu featured several items under mains, sides and desserts. Of the choices for mains, I chose the Roast Pork over the baked chicken and other choices which were not memorable at all. I chose the cheese grits and black eyed pea salad as my sides and added a waffle as well. There was also the option of a vegetarian meal which was 4 or 5 sides and no protein. I should have made that choice as the roast pork was bland and a bit dry. The cheese grits were fine, if unexciting. The wafflle was not bad, but a bit cold, and only the size of a cookie. The sweet tea was good, but the best part of the meal was the black eyed pea salad. It was lightly dressed in a vinegrette with bits of onion and pepper mixed in. I hit it with a little hot sauce, and figured I could make an entire meal of this and the braised kale which I didn’t choose. Oh well, next time…..wait I just found out that the Soul Daddy concept is now closed. Apparently between the time I ate there in June and the time I posted this, the mini-chain has gone belly up. Oh well, here another photo to show you what it used to look like.