Junkfoodie is back again! Brazil Cafe in Berkeley

If you are ever in Berkeley and are heading up niversity towards the campus, make a stop at Brazil Cafe just above Shattuck but below Oxford. It’s situated in the parking lot of the bike shop just above Berkeley Ace Hardware. It is little more than a shack in the parking lot, but you can’t miss it because of the bright decorations all over it. There is no indoor seating, but plenty of plastic patio chairs scattered around the outside of the shack.

The tritip is the thing here. It is deliciously marinated and grilled, and served as a sandwich ($6.99) or on a variety of plates. I like the mediterranean tritip plate ($8.99) served with hummus, rice, a salad and pita bread. The tritip plate ($8.99) is the same without the hummus and pita. Both are served with grilled onions, a delicious cilantro garlic sauce, and little scoop of ricotta cheese. If you like mangoes, try the refreshing mango smoothie, which tastes like a liquified mango.

You may even see the owner, Pedro, running the show in his aloha shirt, passing out coupons and thanking his customers. Definitely worth a stop if you are in the area.


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