Good Girl Dinette

Our next stop on our recent LA trip was the Good Girl Dinette in Highland Park. it’s a bit out of the way, but it was 3 weeks old or so when we went, and bills itself as ” american diner meets vietnames comfort food”. How could we NOT try it? It’s a spare, industrial looking place with large plate glass windows in front. It has the original wooden beams and planks, and you could imagine the place once being an old sweat shop or wholesale butcher or something like that. I mean this in a good way. It is not too easy to see at night, as when we went the awning was still rolled up and in a box inside.


While perusing the menu, we had their house-made pop ($3.50). Fresh squeezed lime, oranges or grapefruit mixed with spakling water. the lime and the grapefruit were both refreshing, and not too sweet. We ssetlled on starters of Fresh Spring Rolls ($6.25), Chicken Imperial Rolls ($5.50) and Rice Cakes with Crispy Scallion Tofu ($4.50). Interesting, but you’ve probably had better versions of the Spring rolls and Imperial rolls elsewhere.

 I had the chicken curry ($10) served with rice and seasonal greens. Again, just okay. One thing that was better than okay was the Pint-Sized Pho ($5). The pho were floating in a terrific chicken brith, which was more flavorful than any I’ve had made with chicken. If I return, I’m definitely having the large order of Grandma’s Pho ($9), which is, presumably, a larger portion of the Pint-sixed pho.

I really like the concept here, but it’s more of a lunch or snack place than a dinner spot. There didn’t seem to be anything I’d like to order for dinner. It’s perfect for the meal after dinner though. (What, you don’t eat a meal after dinner?)


Good Girl Dinette 110 North Avenue 56 Highland Park, CA 90042 (323)257.8980


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