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Several people have asked me about the artistic composition (not really) of the header photo, and where it was taken. Okay, what they were really asking was where it was taken. It was taken at one of my all-time favorite places to eat: Phillipe the Original in LA. This is my kind of place, because it was established in 1908, and when you walk in, it looks very much like it probably did when it opened. This is the supposed birthplace of the French Dip sandwich. If you go there, try the lamb french dip, even if you are not a big lamb eater. Please trust me on this one. The other sandwiches are just average, but the lamb french dip with some of the fiery house mustard from the jars on the table is truly spectacular, especially for around $5.00!


Anyway, this photo was shot on my cell phone, and it’s the ham steak & two egg breakfast, served with housemade potatoes and homemade biscuit for $6.55 (in 2006). The best part about the breakfast besides the huge, juicy ham steak? The house coffee for only 9 cents! Yep, 9cents a mug! Sorry for the mess, but I couldn’t wait to dig into the breakfast, and forgot to shoot the picture. I only decided to take the photo after I started eating.

breakfast at Phillipe's

breakfast at Phillipe


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