Spumoni & Cannoli factory in San Mateo (who knew?)

AS I was driving through San Mateo with the family, we happened upon West 37th Ave. where we ended up having lunch at a place called the “Lil’ Biscuit House”. How could we not stop at a place with a name like that. Anyway, it was not memorable at all, but while walking back to the car, we saw a Filipino bakery, and a place called Romolo’s Spumoni & Cannoli Factory. Anyone that knows me knows that there would be no way for me to restrain myself from going into a place like this. Long story short, I would have never found this were it not for sheer luck. I didn’t try the spumoni, but I did order a few cannoli. They had trays of them in the display case with chocolate chips, pistachios of cherries decorating the ends. When I placed my order, the friendly owner decided to pipe me a few fresh ones, and he cheerfully asked me which garnished I preferred. I chose the pistachios, and they turned out to very good. The filling was creamy and fresh tasting, not too sweet. The shell was crispy and light, but did not fall apart at the first bite. I’ll be back to try the spumoni next time. They also have an intersting looking ice cream cannoli as well as a cassata cake, and house made ice creams including a couple of Italian flavors, like “bisuit tortone” and “rum cioccolata”

If you happen to be in the area, check it out. They are at 81 West37th Ave. in San Mateo, not far off El Camonio Real.


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