North Shore Shrimp truck(s)

One of my favorite days in the world looks like this. Wake up, throw on some shorts, a tank top and slippers and head to Leonard’s for some hot malasadas and coffee. While still half asleep, hop on H-1 towards the North Shore. Hopefully, it’s a sunny day and I have either a convertible or at least a sunroof. The radio is playing Island 98.5 Hawaiian Style and Reggae. If I have any passengers that haven’t done the North Shore thing before, I might stop at the Dole Plantation for a few minutes. By about noon, I should be passing through Haleiwa town, and continue on to Sunset Beach. Stop at Ted’s Bakery in Sunset for a slice of chocolate-haupia pie before they run out. Continue on the Kam Highway to Kahuku and pass Giovanni’s and pull into the parking lot of the kahuku Superette. Stop into the dusty old market, pass the sodas and beers, grab a drink and head to the back counter. Take a look and see what’s good in the poke case, and grab a pint or two of shoyu poke ($8.95/lb.), and maybe some lomi salmon. Head back out, and backtrack 20 feet to Giovanni’s Original Shrimp truck. Stand in line and order a plate of garlic shrimp. ($11 for a dozen shrimp with 2 scoops rice)

  Giovanni’s Original Shrimp truck in Kahuku


Now I can sit down with my lomi salmon, poke and my drink at one of the by now crowded picnic tables and watch as other customers stare at my poke wondering why they didn’t think of stopping off to get some. I am usually asked where I got it from, as the wait for the shrimp can be a few minutes on busy days. Once my shrimp arrives, I’m feeling pretty good. After lunch, I head towards the back of the parking lot to wash my hands in the shack of a restroom. I remember when Giovanni’s had a spigot to turn on to wash up, which would cause a muddy river to flow across the path to the picnic tables. Not great when you are wearing slippers! Once I’m done, I head to Sunset or Waimea to lay out on teh beach, eat my pie, and maybe take a nap. Heading back into to town, I might stop off at Matsumoto’s or Aoki’s in Haleiwa town for a shave ice. “What flavor? I’ll have the lychee and li hing  with azuki beans and ice cream please.” By now, the sun is starting to go down. Heading back into town as we cross through the pineapple fields with the warm breeze blowing, I know days don’t get better than this.

(photos courtesy of Katie Buss!)

shave ice from Matsumoto's in Haleiwa

shave ice from Matsumoto



Shrimp truck lunch!

Shrimp truck lunch!


2 Responses to “North Shore Shrimp truck(s)”

  1. Ah the shrimp truck… I still drool over pictures of this lunch!

  2. Thanks for the photos!

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